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Sideways Movie images

Sideways” is an attractive movie, but it is shot with a realistic eye — the California wine country looks great, but this is not an “eye candy” movie like “Under the Tuscan Sun,” which looked sumptuous but had little else to offer. “Sideways” gets the balance of visuals and substance just right – one can easily imagine Miles liking his own movie, and that is high praise.


Sideways Movie Cast and Crew

Sideways is written by Jim Taylor and Alexander Payne and directed by Payne.

Paul Giamatti

Thomas Haden Church

Virginia Madsen

Sandra Oh.


 DirectorAlexander Payne

Screenplay-–Alexander Payne,Jim Taylor and Rex Pickett.

Producers —Michael London,Jay Cohen

Co-Producer —- George Parra,

Casting —-John Jackson

Casting Assistant — Jessie Salka